Life Story Books

color_logo-new textHave you ever lost an older relative – and only thought of all the questions you’d like to have asked them after they were gone? What was their real story? What life changing decisions did they encounter? How did they survive the good times and the bad?

Turn your memories into a life story that can be passed down through the generations. Time may pass and memories may fade, but I will help you create a rich legacy that is so much more than a family tree with names and dates.

Many people think about writing the story of their lives but never begin. Some begin but  find their project is much more complex than they thought!

I’m here to help.

I will help you discover the heart and soul of your story – the legacy you are passing on –  and will make your book go from idea to beautiful reality.

Our Writing Service is customized according to client needs and includes:

  • free consultation and quote
  • interviewing
  • gathering materials (photos, etc.)
  • transcribing
  • research
  • professional writing and editing
  • publishing options

A typical short memoir package with 3 hours of interviewing, 30 photos scanned, and a 3,000 word memoir is $249.

Our Manuscript Coaching and Rewriting Service involves working with clients who are already writing their life story and need help bringing the process to completion. Have you started a story but are not sure where it’s going? Do you have a manuscript that needs tidying up?

A 5 hour editing package that includes reviewing your existing manuscript (7,000 words or less), an extensive written critique, in-text comments, and an hour long phone, email or Skype consultation is $149.

Email for a quote: jackiejamisonwriter -at-